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How would you handle financial compensation for part- and full-time staff?

1.Michael Clay, a registered nurse on the tenth-floor ICU, had just completed his fifth night of work and was looking forward to having the next two days off. The unit had been filled to capacity and extremely busy. As Michael was leaving, the charge nurse approached him and asked if he would work one more night because they were really short staffed. He paused and, looking exhausted, said, “OK, but this is it.” At the same time, Stephanie, another RN, walked into the report room and was greeted with “What are you doing here today? I thought you were off.” Stephanie said, “I was called at five this morning to come in and help.” Another nurse, Jane, joined the group and said, “I feel like quitting. I couldn’t….

Develop two staffing options for the holiday schedule.

1.The nurse manager of the pediatric unit (you) has experienced frequent turnover with nursing staff. Recently, you have hired several new graduate nurses to fill the staffing vacancies. You need to develop a staffing schedule for the upcoming holidays and ensure adequate staffing with an appropriate mix in the unit. It has always been the policy of the unit to have the holiday staffing schedule available before November first. The senior staff worked the Christmas holiday last year and are requesting it off this year and to work New Year’s instead. The new staff nurses are only willing to work the New Year’s holiday, or they are threatening to leave.

• Develop two staffing options for the holiday schedule.

What would help Joanne be more organized as evening charge nurse in the future?

1.Joanne Burns began her career in the cardiac-thoracic intensive care unit (ICU) as a new graduate. Joanne has demonstrated her competency over the last three years and is respected by moreexperienced professional nurses. She was recently promoted to evening charge nurse. Joanne feels relatively secure with the responsibilities of the position. She knows she still has a great deal to learn and is open to suggestions. She hopes her transition to the charge-nurse role will be smooth. During her first shift as ICU charge nurse, Joanne assigns an experienced nurse, who is mentoring a new graduate, to two fresh postoperative patients. Everything proceeds smoothly until one patient’s blood pressure drops and bleeding is suspected. The new graduate is overwhelmed and becomes disorganized and anxious as she works with….

What could Cindy have done differently? What could Kim have done differently?

1.Cindy Smith, a new RN, and Kim Jones, RN, were finishing work on the day shift of a postoperative surgical floor when a new patient arrived from the emergency room. Cindy stopped what she was doing (calculating intake/output data) and proceeded to admit the new patient. When Cindy got to the patient’s room, the transporter allowed the new patient, a woman, to get up off the cart and walk to her bed, which she did easily. Cindy helped her get settled, noting no acute distress, and told her she would return in 10 minutes. The patient said, “Fine, I don’t need anything.” Cindy went back to finish the end-of-shift duties. Just as Cindy was about to finish her last room, Kim walked in and asked her, “Where’s the….

What are the reasons for the increase in revenue?

1.Jennifer Smith was appointed nurse manager of the coronary care unit five months ago. It is a 10-bed unit that was budgeted at 80 percent occupancy. Her recent responsibility report indicates some positive and negative variances. She has been asked to give a verbal report at the next hospital budget review committee meeting. Among the issues Jennifer needs to consider are:

• What are the reasons for the increase in revenue?

• What expense lines are over budget?

• Although a contribution to the gross margin was made, an explanation of the negative variances needs to be given, with a corrective action plan identified.